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Basketball in Victoria is the highest participating sport with over 247,900 players competing annually. With this is mind becoming a basketball referee can be a very strong and rewarding career pathway.

At Mornington Basketball, we offer a comprehensive referee program and pathway and welcome you to join the team. Our officials play an integral role in every basketball match to ensure that it is played in a fair and same manner with the rules.

Why should I become a referee?
There are so many reasons to become a referee:

  • Be physically active and get fit
  • Gain a better understanding of basketball and its rules
  • Be involved in basketball (especially if you love the game)
  • Meet new people, make new friends and share many great experiences
  • Earn money and work flexible hours
  • Improve your life skills (e.g. communication, independence, confidence, decision making and awareness)

How am I trained as a referee?
Mornington Basketball coordinates beginner courses for new referees throughout the year which are advertised on this website.

What does the beginner referee course involve?
You start by attending a group interview where our Referee Advisor and Supervisor team will deem if you are a suitable candidate to become a referee. From there you attend 3-4 theory session and commence on court training.

What equipment will I need?
  • Black Basketball Shorts
  • Whistle/Lanyard (provided by us)
  • Rule book (available to download online)

What is the minimum age to become a referee?
The minimum age for a referee is 14.

Who conducts the referee beginner course?
All our Referee Courses are conducted by our Referee Advisor, who is also supported by our Referee Supervisors. Those responsible for conducting Referee Courses at Mornington hold all relevant accreditations from Technical Officials Commission (TOC), valid Working With Children Checks and have Member Protection Documentation.

What is the reimbursement rate for referees?
Referees are reimbursed for their service as refereeing is considered to be a hobby. Each grade/level of referee has a rate for that service.

How will I improve as a referee?
All referees are coached and observed by referee coaches and senior referees who provide feedback and educations to allow for overall improvement. Referees improve through match experience which is gained each week by being faced with challenges that you will learn to overcome. With this experience and knowledge come better opportunities to referee higher quality games and become accredited as a higher grade/level.

How do I become a referee?

Follow our social media and website for updates on when the next Group Interview will be held or email our


What are the different levels of referees?

Trainee Referee (Green shirt)
While you are training as a referee through our Referee Beginner School you will be a Trainee Referee (Green Shirt). This will see you allocated to referee games running next to your appointed mentor who will help build your confidence and teach you the basics of Refereeing.

Apprentice Referee (Green shirt)
After completing the Beginner Referee School, you will be graded and appointed to games as an apprentice referee still working with your mentor but to allow you to grow as a referee you will be running at the opposite ends of the court. This will be the same as you refereeing any other game, but you will still have that added support of your mentor. During this time, you will be assessed by the Referee Advisor or appointed Referee Coach and may gain your C Grade, which will qualify you to officiate all domestic competitions.

B Grade
Within 6 to 12 months of receiving your C Grade you may apply to be involved in a B Grade Development Program. This will help give you the required skills and knowledge to gain your B Grade. The Referee Advisor will assess you over a period of time on your competencies to become a B Grade Referee.

A Grade
The A Grade Referee course is conducted by a Referee Advisor. This course may take up to six weeks (6 x 2 hours) to complete. Upon completion of an A grade course, you are likely to be refereeing at the highest-level competition at your association.

Level 1
Once you have held your A grade for 12 months, you may be nominated by your Referee Advisor to officiate Victoria Junior Championship League (MUVJBL). This is the highest level of junior basketball in the state. From here referees can be selected to attend Australian Junior Championships to represent Victoria.

Level 2
After completing 1-2 years of being a Level 1, referees are invited to undertake the Level 2 Referee Course run by Basketball Victoria and start officiating Senior Representative Games (Big V).

Level 3
The next step is to progress to Level 3 Referee. This is done through Basketball Victoria. Once you are identified as a referee who shows potential to referee highest competition in Victoria you will be invited to participate in a Level 3 course.

Level 4
These Referees are those who officiated Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) and National Basketball League (NBL) games.

Level 5 (FIBA)
Referees who officiate on the National Panel are elite officials and must handle the pressures of top Australian basketball. National Panel referees may be nominated to FIBA to receive their FIBA license, which is the highest obtainable level, allowing them to be considered for World Championships and Olympic Games.

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